Chimney Installation & Removal NYC

Chimney Installation

Are you looking to replace, remove or install a new chimney in your house? We have licensed professionals that will give you the chimney you’ve always wanted. We believe a chimney can make or break a house and it’s appearance. Learn about all the possibilities you can create with your new chimney!

Chimney Removal

Are you looking to remove or replace your fireplace? You might also want to remove your chimney to remove the gap in your insulation which will decrease your heating and cooling costs. While unused chimneys can contribute to damp and mold in a room. Removing a chimney can help to create more space in your room, which can be benefit smaller rooms and homes. Also, if your chimney is damaged, removing it may also be the cheapest option to correct and resolve the issue.

Removing a chimney correctly and safely takes time and care with licensed specialists, like us. We make sure that your home stays safe, well-insulated and aesthetically pleasing. Chimney Cleaning NYC offers expert chimney removal to ensure your home structure is kept sturdy and secure while giving your space the upgrade you’re looking for. Contact us if you have any questions!

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